The prostate is a gland that surrounds the urethra; it can be compared to an apple whit its core removed. Because of an inflammation of the prostate (also called prostatitis) the prostate starts to swell. This can cause the urethra to be closed down ,or decreasethe size of the urethra. Urinating becomes difficult and painful.
Prostatitis should be treated swiftly. If not, an abscess can develop and sometimes the urethra will be completely closed down by that. become smaller with an apple of which the seeds are removed. Infection of the prostate, also called prostatitis, which causes the prostate to swell and the urethra to be squashed. Peeing tends to be difficult and usually hurts.

A prostate infection has to be treated fast: if not, an abscess can develop and the urethra can be squeezed so it closes. It can appear suddenly and be acute, but it can also be long term (chronic). Both acute and the chronic prostate infection can lead to a urine tract infection. Reverse is also possible.

A prostate infection can appear on any age, but mostly in elderly pets. It is caused by bacteria and by a bladder infection. When an acute bladder infection is not treated well and fast and heals fast, a chronic prostate infection can appear, called chronic prostatitis.
A urine tract infection can cause a prostate infection, which crawls into the prostate and can cause a new prostate infection.
The Chinese herbal medicine has developed the formula called Huang to treat prostate infection. It also improves bladder infection and a urine tract infection, both causes of a prostate infection. The herbs give result within a few days. Itís an excellent alternative for antibiotics.

Specific for: prostate infection, urine tract infection and bladder infection.

Possible symptoms of a prostate infection: sudden high fever, cold chills, severe straining to pee, difficulties peeing, painful peeing, blood in urine, pain in lower back, pain between the genitals and balls and anus, pain in lower body and loins.

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Result: is expected within several days.

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1200 mg tablet