Urine is produced constantly by the kidneys and is passed through the urethra into the bladder. Urine is gathered in the bladder until it is full. The bladder exit has a sphincter, which works as a tap that can open and close. When the pet decides to urinate, the sphincter relaxes and the tap opens, so the urine can leave the body.
Gathering urine in the bladder is a complex process, which can be disturbed by multiple causes. In case of incontinence, one must always determine if it developed acutely or gradually.

Incontinence that develops acutely usually points towards cystitis or a side effect of medication. A vet can decide on a therapy plan to address this problem.
Incontinence that appears gradually is caused by a weakening of the sphincter of the bladder. The “tap” cannot be closed sufficiently anymore. This will occur mostly when your pet is asleep. It will cause your pet to wake up wet en unaware that the urine has come out. It happens more frequently in females then in males. Females present this problem more often after a hysterectomy or a bladder-related surgery.

The occurrence of incontinence gradually increases with age. Muscle power degenerates in elderly pets. This also applies to the sphincter. This means that the washer of the tap is worn out. Therefore incontinence is more frequent in elderly pets.
For example: approximately 50% of all elderly people in homes have urinary incontinence.

Silicium is a natural formula that works directly on the sphincter. It strengthens the sphincter, so that the level of incontinence decreases and even disappears. This whole process doesn’t happen overnight: it takes time. Using Silicium can decrease incontinence within a few weeks. The incontinence will decrease, depending on the ratio and speed of the healing process. This will go faster in a younger animal, slower in an elderly pet. Silicium needs to be applied over a longer period. It can be mixed with food. If needed, it can be used long term. It has no side effects when used long term. Silicium has no abnormal flavour.

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After 2 months: half the dosage or less.

Results: 2 - 6 weeks.

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300 mg tablet
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