Addison's disease, so-called rare disease, which occurs regularly in practice.

Addison's disease can develop in your dog or cat when the adrenal glands (bark) no longer function properly. The diagnosis is made with a blood test. The test result then shows low sodium, high potassium and elevated kidney values.

In practice, it is more common in dogs than in cats or other pets.

Symptoms are seen when 90% of adrenal function is lost. Healing is not possible. Permanent treatment is necessary. Addison's disease is manageable. The symptoms develop over time. The speed of developing symptoms can take months to years.

The most characteristic symptoms of Addison's disease may include:

  • Digestive problems such as vomiting and diarrhea
  • Weight loss and low appetite
  • Fatigue and general weakness of the body
  • Stress sensitivity
  • Muscle weakness in hindquarters, shivering and muscle tremors in hindquarters, painful hindquarters
  • Stomach ache

Addison's Disease Treatment

Addison's disease is treatable. Your vet has medication for this. Your pet must be set up for this. If too much or too little medication is given, symptoms (side effects) that resemble the symptoms of Addison's disease can develop.

With a timely diagnosis of Addison's disease, the Chinese herbal formula Yan Shen can significantly slow down and even stop the disease. Dogs and cats with Addison's disease can grow old healthily if the formula is administered daily in the correct dosage. Yan Shen works directly on the adrenal glands and is therefore very effective against Addison. Yan Shen stimulates the part of the adrenal glands that is still functioning. This increases the adrenal capacity. It takes about 2 - 3 weeks for the adrenal capacity to increase again.

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Yan Shen= Trade mark

Yan Shen is a supplementary animal feed based on Chinese herbs. For dogs, cats, guinea pigs and other small pets of all ages, including puppies, kittens, pregnant and nursing pets. The herbs can be used over a longer period of time, there are no known side effects. The formula may be used together with medication from your vet, other Chinese herbs or homeopathy.

Composition Yan Shen: Aconitum carmichaeli, Cinnamomum, Poria, Atractylodes, Paeonia, Astralagus, Angelica. Additive: Microcristalline cellulose, Crosslinked sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, Silicic acid. Analytical constituents: raw ash 3,1% crude fat 0,2% rough egg white 1,5% crude fiber 7,7% Natrium 0,3%.

Dosage: We advise to give a double dose during the first 14 days. You can also give the double dose for a longer period of time, if you find it necessary. With (sufficient) results, a normal dose can be given after 14 days.

Dosage cat and dog up to 5 kg
300 mg
 First 14 days  From 15 days
 to  1 kg
 1 tabl. 300 mg 2x a day  ½ tabl. 300 mg 2x a day
 1 - 5 kg
 2 tabl. 300 mg 2x a day  1 tabl. 300 mg 2x a day

Dosage cat and dog from 5 kg
1200 mg
 First 14 days  From 15 days
  5 - 10 kg
 1 tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day ½ tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day
10 - 20 kg
 2 tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day  1 tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day
20 - 30 kg
 3 tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day  1½ tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day
30 - 40 kg
 4 tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day  2 tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day
40 - 50 kg
 5 tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day  2½ tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day
>  50 kg
 6 tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day  3 tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day

For a guinea pig and rodent is relatively higher than the dosage for cats and dogs. Rodents are herbivores and therefore they need more herbs to get good results.

Guinea pigs, hamsters and other rodents
First 14 days
From 15 days
 2 tabl. 300 mg 2x a day
 1 tabl. 300 mg 2x a day

To administer: with a bit of cheese, meat etc., whatever the animal likes. It is possible to mix it with a bit of food, just make sure everything is eaten.

Result: 1-3 weeks.

Maintenance dose: when your animal is healthy again, you can reduce the dose by 50%.

Preventive dose: 50% of the normal dose.

1200 mg tablet
1200 mg tablet