Dogs and cats (just like other evolved animal species and humans) have an immune system that protects them against, among other things, pathogens. Within the immune system a large number of cells and molecules work together to prevent pathogens from achieving their goal: cause an infection. There is a basal, general immune system that is inherent and there are parts that are specifically “trained” in certain disorders, because of having been through a disease or because of vaccination against certain diseases.
Known pathogens are bacteria and viruses that are present everywhere in the environment and are transmitted through direct contact (bacteria) or by air (viruses) from one animal to the other.
It takes some effort to enter the body, because the skin of the body, lungs and intestines form a barrier. But if a pathogen succeeds to get through those barriers and start an infection, the imune systems comes into action.
When an animal is in good condition the immune system is capable of quite some defensive action, the natural resistance is good and the chances that the animal gets sick are slim.
Environmental factors or physical causes can temporarily weaken resistance.

Factors that can weaken the natural resistance are:

Infectious diseases that can possibly be caused by a weakened immune system are respiratory tract infections and skin related diseases.

Examples of respiratory tract infections are kennel cough and cat flu.
Specifically for the support of these type of respiratory tract infections that are caused by a weak natural resistance, we have developed Echinacomplex. This contains the herb Echinacea, but also the herbs Cat’s Claw and Plantago. These herbs are biologically grown. With flu and kennel cough it is advisable to combine Echinacomplex with the Chinese herbal formula Respire, with cat flu it can best be combined with the Chinese herbal formula Liseng.

Skin related disorders are demodex, allergies (itching and non itching), eosinophilic granuloma and a large number of skin diseases.
Specifically for the support of these skin related disorders, we have developed Immuuncomplex.
With demodex it is advisable to combine Immuuncomplex with Demodex-oil. With allergies and itching skin disorders allergies and itching skin disorders we recommend the combination of Immuncomplex with the Xie Tang formula, with eosinophilic granuloma we advise the combination Immuuncomplex with Sical.

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30 ml = 600 drops

Dosage Echina Complex(orally or mixed with food/ catmilk):

Up to 5 kg: 5 drops twice a day.
5 - 10 kg: 10 drops twice a day.
10 – 20 kg: 15 drops twice a day.
Over 20 kg: 20 drops twice a day.

In acute cases, double the dosage (or more), then decrease to normal dosage.

Results: visible in 2-4 weeks, but administer at least for 2-3 months.

 Product description Echina Complex (incl. composition)

Dosage Immunity Complex, number of drops.(orally or mixed with food):

Day 1-2
Day 3-4
Day 5-6
guinea pig, rabbit

Mix the recommended quantity of Immunity Complex with a couple of millilitres of mineral water and administer with a syringe or pipette.
If the animals licks it up completely it can also be given with a little buttermilk.

Maintenance dosage:

When your pet is healthy again, you can slowly decrease the dosage to the level of day 3-4.

Results: visible after 1 – 2 weeks, but administer for at least 4 weeks.

 Product description Immunity Complex (incl. composition)

Note: with severe disorders, like heart diseases, increase the dosage.