Otitis externa is a term that is often used to describe an infection of the outer ear and ear canal( not the ear drum). There are many causes for this infection, bur the symptoms are usually the same: shaking of the head and scratching the ear. When the infection is mild, your pet usually likes it when you rub itís ear. In severe cases touching the ear causes pain. The inside of the pinna is usually abnormally red and can be swollen. Large quantities of a wax like substance are often present and in severe cases there may even be pus. The ear starts to smell really bad when the infection gets more severe. Every ear infection needs to be treated. Neglect can cause changes inside the ear that will hamper the healing process. The infection can also spread to the middle ear and inner ear. Some breeds are predisposed to ear infections. Colloidal silver is an effective method of treatment for ear infections.

More information on Colloidal Silver, see: Alternative for antibiotics

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Dosage: 3 drops in the ear twice a day. Then massage the ear from the outside in an upward motion. Then clean the outer ear canal with some cotton wool (no cotton bud). Because of its effectiveness Ear Cleaner Drops is a very economical product.

Results: 1-3 days.

 Description Colloidal silver ear infection (incl. composition)