Destress is used especially to successfully correct prolonged, undesirable behaviour for dogs and cats.

With undesirable behaviour, or behavioural changes, we have to think about an intense and unwanted change in the normal, calm and well-balanced behaviour of your dog or cat, e.g.:

  • fear of animals, people or unknown objects
  • general fear (anxiety)
  • fear biting
  • insecurity
  • panicky behaviour
  • hyperactivity
  • dominating emotions
  • defensiveness
  • aggression towards animals and people
  • overall aggression

Abovementioned behaviours are usually the result of a radical negative experience, such as:

  • unfriendly treatment by e.g. the previous owner or postman
  • being bitten by another animal
  • trauma, e.g. fireworks
  • insufficient socialization as a puppy/kitten in the first 12 weeks of life
  • And the list can go on and on…..

Depending on the life experiences of your pet, every new unpleasant situation will trigger unbalanced behaviour. This unbalanced and undesired behaviour , which can develop at any age, unfortunately will intensify as time goes by.

Under certain circumstances, any pet can display aggressive behaviour. Most of the time the conclusion will be that the pet is vicious or aggressive. This is not true! The pet only has too little “mental luggage” or has had too many negative experiences.

Destress will give your pet inner peace which will result in less direct and less intense reactions to certain situations. A major additional benefit of this being the possibility to re-socialize your pet, teaching it to handle a specific situation that triggers undesirable behaviour.

The intensity of the undesirable behaviour will get less with every renewed experience. After a while your pet will not be needing Destress anymore. Destress is not absolutely not addictive. Destress could very well help people with phobias and examination fright, it calms the nerves and relieves restlessness and emotional distress.

By guiding your dog and cat, with the help of Destress for inner calm, you can gradually realize the correction of undesirable behaviour and your dog and cat will show a calm and balanced behaviour.

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Destress= Trade mark

Destress is a complementary feed based on Chinese herbs. Composition: Ziziphus spinosa, Anemarrhena asphodeloides, Ligusticum wallichii, Polygala tenuifolia, Poria cocos, Glycyrrhiza uralensis. Additive: Microcristalline cellulose, Crosslinked sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, Silicic acid. Analytical constituents: raw ash 3,1% crude fat 0,2% rough egg white 1,5% crude fiber 7,7% Natrium 0,3%.

Dosage Destress: for dog, cat, guinea pig, rodents and other small pets. Suitable for animals of all ages, including puppies and kittens. The herbal formula can be given for a prolonged period. Can be use when the animal is pregnant or weaning. Also use in case of diarrhoea. This formula has no known side effects with either short or long term. Interactions with other herbal formulas from Petherbs or with veterinary medication are not known and therefore this herbal formula can be administered simultaneously with all other products.

Dosage cat and dog up to 5 kg
300 mg
 First 14 days  From 15 days
 to  1 kg
 1 tabl. 300 mg 2x a day  ½ tabl. 300 mg 2x a day
 1 - 5 kg
 2 tabl. 300 mg 2x a day  1 tabl. 300 mg 2x a day

Dosage cat and dog from 5 kg
1200 mg
 First 14 days  From 15 days
  5 - 10 kg
 1 tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day ½ tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day
10 - 20 kg
 2 tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day  1 tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day
20 - 30 kg
 3 tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day  1½ tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day
30 - 40 kg
 4 tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day  2 tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day
40 - 50 kg
 5 tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day  2½ tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day
>  50 kg
 6 tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day  3 tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day

For a guinea pig and rodent is relatively higher than the dosage for cats and dogs. Rodents are herbivores and therefore they need more herbs to get good results.

Guinea pigs, hamsters and other rodents
First 14 days
From 15 days
 2 tabl. 300 mg 2x a day
 1 tabl. 300 mg 2x a day

To administer: with a bit of cheese, meat etc., whatever the animal likes. It is possible to mix it with a bit of food, just make sure everything is eaten.

Result: 1-3 weeks.

Maintenance dose: when your animal is healthy again, you can reduce the dose by 50%.

Preventive dose: 50% of the normal dose.

300 mg tablet
1200 mg tablet
300 mg tablet
1200 mg tablet