Pets with flea allergy have a hypersensitive reaction to the saliva of fleas after being bitten by fleas repeatedly.
Once a flea has bitten, an allergic reaction can occur when the pet has a weakened or disturbed immune system. Once your pet is allergic, one fleabite a week is sufficient to maintain the allergy.

Skin problems
Itching skin problems can occur as a result of an allergic reaction to flea bites. Violant itching, especially on the back of your pet, is the first sign of a flea allergy. Itching can be related to the different seasons, with a peak in the summer and latter part of the summer. But usually itching will exist all through the year. The skin problems involve bald spots / inflamed skin and small crusts. These spots are located on the lower part of the back, the inside of the thighs, the belly, the flanks and the neck.

Besides the possible symptomatic treatment of your pet, the therapy exist of extensive flea control, focussed on the different stages of the flea cycle. Most important is extensive flea control the whole year through.

The treatment can be supported by the use of the Chinese herbal formula Resilium, which works directly on the disturbed immune system by strengthening it. Thus reducing the chances of developing a new flea allergy. Applying extensive flea control at the same time is very important though.

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