Colitis is an infection of the large intestine that is characterized by the frequent need to defecate and soft to watery stool, sometimes accompanied by blood and mucus. Often the animal is in pain and is straining to defecate. Colitis can have many causes like parasites, infections, food allergies or intolerances. The symptoms are very different. Some animals only have minor problems, others are seriously ill. Colitis can be a reoccurring problem in a number of pets. A diet and anti-inflammatory medication can help to reduce the inflammation and prevent reoccurrence. Often colitis becomes a chronic problem. Chinese herbal medicine has developed a formula called Gastro for chronic and idiopathic colitis. (idiopathic= unknown cause).

Chronic, idiopathic colitis is one of the most frequent causes of chronic diarrea in a dog. Gastro will relax the bowels, thus reducing the symptoms. Sometimes, it is useful to support the condition by providing easily digested food.

Symptoms: colitis, bloat, flatulence, vomiting, diarrea, weight loss, lack of appetite, low intake of water.

GASTRO helps to restore and fortify the vital functions of the digestive tract. It dissolves slime and blockages, relieves gas and cramps, helps with bloat, vomiting, weight loss, chronic inflammation of the large intestine.

Dietary advice in case of acute stomach and colon diseases.

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Result: 1 - 5 days.

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300 mg tablet
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