What is a bursa?
The bursa is a sort of buffer. Bursas are located in areas of the body where there is friction, especially where tendons and muscles are located over the bones. Usually a bursa contains very little fluid. When a bursa gets damaged, there will be inflammation and a build up of fluid. This is called bursitis.

Clinical picture
Most problems occur in the bursa of the elbow, ankle and knee. A fall, obesity, contact with hard surfaces and overburdening can damage a bursa, leading to inflammation and thus resulting in a very painful condition. Bursitis can develop acutely or over a long period of time. The cause of this conditions is not always evident and the beginning seems spontaneous . Literature describes spontaneous healing within 3 to 8 weeks. When bursitis develops into a chronic condition, action needs to be taken. A permanent swelling with build up of fluids and inflammation can be extremely painful. It limits the petís movements. With chronic bursitis there is often limping.

bursitis Move the cursor over the image. The colour change indicates the bursa.

The pet has an adversity to warmth and does not want to be touched. It has no need to exercise and prefers lying down (preferably on the affected joint). It is reported that the pet sometimes licks the affected joint and gnaws at it. When the condition is prolonged, a solid lump is formed in the affected area. The skin can be swollen and red.

Acute Bursitis usually heals with rest, limited exercise and avoiding burdening the joint that caused the condition. When Bursitis starts to become chronic, with flare ups that last several days to several weeks, then treatment is necessary .By administering a mineral therapy with specific minerals, the surplus fluid will be dissolved and the inflammation will be dealt with. The pain will subside and you pet will start to moving again.

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