Type 2 is predominantly seen in cats. With this type of diabetes the body produces sufficient insuline, but the body cells have an inadequate response to it. Contrary to type 1 the body does produce insuline. Insuline is a hormone that enables glucose to be absorbed from the bloodsteam into the cells. Glucose is used as fuel for the body’s cells. With type 2 the cells are not able to absorb enough insuline, which can cause very high blood glucose levels. Type 2 is usually caused by obesity and too little exercise. The course of diabetes type 2 is usually a lot milder than that of diabetes type 1.
Chinese herbal medicine uses the herbal formula Rehmannia type 2, this formula contains herbs that enable the body to adequately use the available insuline. So the body cells start using the glucose again.

The symptoms of type 2 diabetes usually occur very gradually. Sometimes so gradually that symptoms are not even noticed. Or the complaints are so minor that diabetes is not thought of as a cause. The diabetes can be present for months, even years, until the signs are so obvious, that diabetes becomes a possible diagnosis.

The most important symptoms of diabetes are:

Chinese herbal medicine is succesfully applied with diabetes type 2.

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