How the thyroid works

The thyroid gland is a small butterfly-shaped gland, located just below the larynx, on the left and right side of the trachea and joined together by a narrow band of thyroid tissue.
A hormone from the pituitary gland (TSH) influences the thyroid gland, making sure it produces the right amount of hormones. The thyroid hormones are called T3 and T4 and are very important because they regulate the rate of metabolism. T4 is an inactive preliminary stage and T3 is the active thyroid hormone. Results of blood test may vary depending on the laboratory used. Therefore you should always compare them to the reference values on the lab form.
When the thyroid produces too much thyroid hormone this is called hyperthyroidism. This disorder frequently occurs in older cats. Normally the thyroid is so small it cannot be felt. With hyperthyroidism one can sometimes feel a swelling where the thyroid is located.
Hyperthyroidism is rarely seen in dogs.

Symptoms feline thyroid disease

The symptoms of this disorder are slowly progressive and can be either severe or minor. Given the fact that most cats keep having a healthy appetite and are active, it can take some time before owners take their pet to the vet. When a cat shows certain symptoms and is suspected of hyperthyroidism, a definite diagnosis can be made through a blood test that measures the hormone concentration in the blood.
The results are not always reliable, for example when there are other disorders present that decrease the amount of thyroid hormone , making it seem that the thyroid is working properly. Therefore it is important to also test liver function, kidney function and glucose levels.

Treatment feline thyroid disease

This consists of giving a special combination of minerals that are naturally produced by the body. This causes hormone production to be stabilized to normal values. Your catís body will react within several days to weeks. This depends on the severity and the amount of time your cat has been suffering from the condition. Sometimes the condition can worsen at the start of the treatment. This might seems serious, but it really is not. You can decrease the dosage temporarily.
It is an excellent alternative to Felimazole (extremely toxic when pulverized), Carbimazol and Strumazol. There are no side effects. Therefore it can be administered long term if need be. The Thyroid tablets can be administered together with the Felimazole,Carbimazol and Strumazol. Usually, after 2-3 weeks felimazole, Carbimazol and Strumazol are cut down with 25% per week.

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Dosage tablets: dissolve in water and mix with food.

Twice a day 1 tablets.

Results: within 1-3 weeks.

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