A bladder infection are usually caused by bacteria. Both male and female pets can suffer from cystitis, although female pets seem to suffer from it more often. Most of the time the germs originate from outside the body and are transported through the genitalia, and through the urethra into the bladder. Urine is sterile in normal circumstances, meaning that there are no bacteria present. Normally any germs that have ended up in the bladder are flushed out as soon as the pet urinates.

Special circumstances are needed to cause an infection of the bladder: these circumstances are:

Cystitis in pets causes changes in urinating behaviour: frequent urinating and/or straining to urinate. There are only really small amounts of urine. The urine can look normal, or clouded, or bloody. Female pets will often lick their vulva and can even have excretion. The pet doesnít look ill, has no fever and drinks normally. A vet can examine the urine and determine the type of bacteria before administering treatment.

Itís useful to have the urine checked for crystals. Cystitis is often caused by crystals in the bladder.

The Chinese herbal formula Eurologist is an excellent treatment for cystitis and bladder crystals. Itís very effective against cystitis and dissolves all crystals present in the bladder. Improvement can be expected a few days after the start of the treatment. Treatment lasts 2-3 weeks. Eurologist can be administered with a bit of food. It can be given long term without any side effects. Eurologist can also be used to prevent bladder problems and has no abnormal flavour.

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Result: is expected within several days.

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300 mg tablet
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