Does your pet have trouble with defecating? No bowel movement for several days? Is your pet straining to pass stool? Is the stool very hard? These are signs of constipation.

Defecating depends on several factors:

When will your pet get constipated?

What can you do? Provide a diet that is rich in fibre. Fibres are necessary to retain fluid. The stools get harder when it does not contain a lot of fluids. Make sure your pet drinks enough, if necessary give it luke warm water. Make sure your pet gets enough exercise.

If all this still isnít enough, you can "start up" the digestion with Laxating Salt (Minerals) This will effectively relieve constipation. It has no side effects. The bowels of your pet will not get "lazy" from using it.

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Dosage Laxiting salt:

Cats, 1 tablet twice a day
Dog: 2 tablets twice a day
Large dog: 3 tablets twice a day.

Result: 3 - 7 days.

 Product description Laxiting salt (incl. composition)