Diabetes is a condition that develops because of insuline deficiency in your petís body. Regular medicine deals with this by injecting insuline on a daily basis, while at the same time conducting blood tests every 2-3 days. These blood tests are necessary to monitor blood glucose levels to make sure not too much insuline is injected. The risk of injecting too much insuline is that your pet can develop a hypo. When your pet develops a hypo it can slip into a coma.
Chinese herbal medicine uses the Rehmannia type 1 formula, which treats the cause of the insuline deficiency which is being caused by the pancreas not functioning properly. Rehmannia type 1 works directly on the pancreas, thus stimulating the pancreas to produce insuline. This can take 2-6 weeks, depending on to what extent the pancreas is still functioning.
The Rehmannia type 1 formula also contains herbs that act as a substitute for the injectable insuline. This way there is no insuline deficiency anymore. The formula has a dual function, stimulating the pancreas and elevating insuline deficits.

With type 1 diabetes it usually does not take long before the illness is detected. Complaints arise over a short period and are very noticeable. Type 2 is a much sneakier condition because harmful health effects can slowly build up and in some cases cause a severe disorder of bodily functions. This will not easily happen with diabetes type 1, because of the rapid detection of the symptoms.

The most important symptoms of diabetes are:

Chinese herbal medicine is succesfully applied with diabetes type 1.

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