An allergy is a hypersensitive reaction to certain, relatively innocent substances in ones environment.
When the immune system is functioning as it should, it does not react to these substances, because they are not harmful to the body. A weakened or disturbed immune system on the other hand, does respond violently to these substances,( this is what we call an allergic reaction) with all kind of consequences, for example a respiratory problems.

Symptoms of Respiratory problems, caused by an allergic reaction:

Respiratory problems caused by an allergic reaction is a serious illness that sadly occurs in a lot of animals. After the standard treatment with Prednison and / or antibiotics is finished, we often see that the allergy reappears (sometimes even worse). Besides regular treatment, we fortunately have a treatment with Chinese herbs.

The Chinese herbs work directly on the immune system. The main advantage of these herbs is that they do not have any side effects, like weakening the immune system. Your petís immune system gets a chance to recover instead of being affected even more.

The combination of Enzymen complex for the recovery of the immune system and Xanthium for the treatment of the affected respiratory system has been proven very successful in the past.

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 Dosage Enzymen complex

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 Dosage Xanthium

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Result: total trajectory 1 - 3 months.

1200 mg tablet
1200 mg tablet