Allergy is a difficult and unpleasant disorder for your dof or cat, especially when it goes together with itching or a skin disorder. Itching is somtimes perceived to be worse than pain. All the scratching can lead to "disturbed" behaviour of the sufferer.

Allergies occur when the immune system responds abnormally to substances outside the body. The immune system should clean up germs which do not belong in the body . With an allergy the body over-reacts to for example nutrients or pollen.Such a reaction should not occur and results in complaints. Itching eczema being one of them. The simplest solution is avoiding contact with whatever caused the reaction. But ususally it is not as simple as that, because the cause cannot be found, or it is impossible to avoid it because it's part of everyday life.

With this type of disease, regular medicine usually prescribe antibiotics, more often than not combined with corticosteroids (prednisone) The disorder itself will usually not be cured. Often there is a soothing reaction: the itching is repressed. But that is only a treatment of symptoms. In such cases the itching wil return when the course of treatment has ended, often more severe than before.

Chinese herbal medicine deals with the cause of the allergy. The cause is a disorder of the immune system and that needs to put back into balance. The body should learn that the environmental triggers are not a threat and should be ignored. This means that the sensitivity to allergies will subside. The Chinese herbal formula Xie Tang can accomplish this. A huge advantage of Xie Tang is the absence of adverse side effects. Regular medications always have side effects. Repetitive use of antibiotics/prednisone for instance can degrade the immune system, also in cases were an immune response would be desirable.
If in the past the animal has been on antibiotics and/or prednisone a number of times, it would be advisable to combine the Xie Tang Formule simultaneously with a detox treatment. This will clear the organs of the remainder of antibiotics and prednisone, which will stimulate the recovery.
Detoxifying treatment and Xie Tang Formula go perfectly together and this combination has successfully released many pets from eczema and itching, long term and often permanently.

What signs to watch for when you suspect a skin allergy (itching) for your dog and cat

  • Inflammatory reactions of the skin (especially on the head, around the eyes, ears and mouth, scratching worsens the condition)
  • Inflamed spots on/under feet, by biting and licking the animal will try to get rid of the itching causing the toes to go bold.
  • General inflammation of the skin, with a dark discolouration and thickening of the skin, in the armpits, loins and neck area.
  • Bald spots as a result of excessive licking
  • Dry eczema (pink, dry skin with crusts and possible itching)
  • Wet eczema (pink skin, covered in little vesicles, usually extreme itching)
  • Nettle rash (pink to red skin, clearly defined raised spots, usually extreme itching)
  • In dogs: irritation of the skin around the eyes, around the mouth and the bottom half of the legs. The dog starts biting its feet (toes). In some cases the dog has a general skin inflammation. This is recognizable from the dark discolouration and thickening of the skin in the armpits, loins and neck area.
  • In cats often the whole skin is affected, sometimes it is limited to the head area. It is not always visible to the owner that the cat is itching. When there are bald spots and the skin is not visibly affected in these spots, one has to look for indirect signs of itching and excessive licking: vomitig up of hairballs, hair in faeces, hair between the teeth, wisps of hair in the basket.
  • Behavioural changes due to itching. Your animal's behaviour can change because of extreme itching. Extreme itching is probably one of the worst things that can happen to your pet. People that itch all the time are also driven to distraction at some point.
  • The itching can be seasonal
  • Itching is not always clearly visible to the owner. Sometimes there are bald spots, but the skin is not affected. The bald spots are caused by excessive licking. You can watch for: vomiting up of hairballs, hair in the faeces of your pet, hair between the teeth or wisps of hair in the basket.

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Xie Tang= Trade mark

Xie Tang is a supplementary animal feed based on Chinese herbs. For dogs, cats, guinea pigs and other small pets of all ages, including puppies, kittens, pregnant and nursing pets. The herbs can be used over a longer period of time, there are no known side effects. The formula may be used together with medication from your vet, other Chinese herbs or homeopathy.

Composition Xie Tang: Ledebouriella divaricata, Sophora flavescens, Rehmannia glutinosa, Schizonapeta tenuifolia, Cicada moulting, Arctium lappa, Sesamum indicum, Anemarrhena asphodeloides, Angelica chinensis. Atractylodes lancea, Akebia trifoliata, Glycyrrhiza uralensis. Additive: Microcristalline cellulose, Crosslinked sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, Silicic acid. Analytical constituents: raw ash 3,1% crude fat 0,2% rough egg white 1,5% crude fiber 7,7% Natrium 0,3%.

Dosage: We advise to give a double dose during the first 14 days. You can also give the double dose for a longer period of time, if you find it necessary. With (sufficient) results, a normal dose can be given after 14 days.

Dosage cat and dog up to 5 kg
300 mg
 First 14 days  From 15 days
 to  1 kg
 1 tabl. 300 mg 2x a day  ½ tabl. 300 mg 2x a day
 1 - 5 kg
 2 tabl. 300 mg 2x a day  1 tabl. 300 mg 2x a day

Dosage cat and dog from 5 kg
1200 mg
 First 14 days  From 15 days
  5 - 10 kg
 1 tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day ½ tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day
10 - 20 kg
 2 tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day  1 tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day
20 - 30 kg
 3 tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day  1½ tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day
30 - 40 kg
 4 tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day  2 tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day
40 - 50 kg
 5 tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day  2½ tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day
>  50 kg
 6 tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day  3 tabl. 1200 mg 2x a day

For a guinea pig and rodent is relatively higher than the dosage for cats and dogs. Rodents are herbivores and therefore they need more herbs to get good results.

Guinea pigs, hamsters and other rodents
First 14 days
From 15 days
 2 tabl. 300 mg 2x a day
 1 tabl. 300 mg 2x a day

To administer: with a bit of cheese, meat etc., whatever the animal likes. It is possible to mix it with a bit of food, just make sure everything is eaten.

Result: itching reduction within a few days, skin repair 2-4 weeks.

Maintenance dose: when your animal is healthy again, you can reduce the dose by 50%.

Preventive dose: 50% of the normal dose.

300 mg tablet
1200 mg tablet
300 mg tablet
1200 mg tablet