Chinese herbs (name in Latin / Pin Yin): Adenophorae radix/ NAN SHA SHEN, Biotae cacumen/ CE BAI YE, Cassiae ramulus/ GUI ZHI, Descurainiae semen/ TING LI ZI, Eriobotryae folia/ PI PA YE, Inulae flos/ XUAN FU HUA, Magnoliae officinalis cortex/ HOU PO, Nelumbinis semen/ LIAN ZI, Salviae miltiorrhizae radix/ DEN SHEN, Sophorae flos/ HUAI HUA MI and Typhonii rhizoma/ BAI FU ZI.

Side effects: no known side effects.

Combination with other medication: in general it can be used in combination with other medication without any side effects.

Usage duration of use: if needed, it can be used long-term. If the problem persists, a veterinary consult is recommended.

Storage and expiry date: it must be kept dry and at room temperature. It can be kept for 3 years. The expiry date can be found on the label.

Pure quality: the product contains pure natural ingredients, without chemical additives such as gluten, yeasts, colourings, fragrance or conservatives.