If your pet has 1 or more fleas, they can be controlled in a simple and natural way. You do not need toxins. The active ingredient in our Parasite drops is Mentha Arvensis. This is a natural products against fleas also controls the eggs and larvae and it is effective for 6 weeks. It is safe to use with kittens, puppies, adult cats and dogs. It is “cuddle-safe” for humans and pets so to speak.
The natural ingredients affect the external skeleton” of the parasite. They break the cycle of egg-larva-pupa, adult flea. Swimming has no negative influence on the effectiveness of Parasite drops.

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Directions for use:

One applicator pipette is sufficient for 1 treatment. Apply the entire content of the pipette on the skin between the shoulder blades (neck). It is not necessary to massage the drops into the skin. The product will be absorbed by the skin and will spread through the body.
Treatment advice:

Pups/ Kitten: from the age of 6 weeks old
Young pets: every 2-3 months, 1 week prior to vaccination
Adult pets: 2-4 times a year
Pregnant pets: prior to breeding, 1 week before delivery, 3-4 weeks after delivery

Result: 1-3 days

Side effects: pure natural product. The drops are harmless for humans and pets.

 Product description Flea Free (incl. composition)