Cat flu

Cat flu in general is a (viral) infection that is very common in cats. It mostly occurs in cats that have a poor natural resistance against cat flu infection. If you want to cure your cat, it is not sufficient to just combat the infection. Your vet will prescribe antibiotics to combat the disease. Because of your catís poor natural resistance, the cat flu will usually return quite soon (shortly after the antibiotics have worn off).

Therefore it is very important to not only treat the cat flu. The natural resistance (immune system) has to be strengthened. Animals with strong, natural immune system are less prone to catching a virus. The same can be seen in humans, is the natural resistance poor then people will be more prone to catching a cold or flu. Most vets however, combat only the virus and do not pay any attention to the immune system.

Stress and weakened immune system

Cats are susceptible to stress. When they experience stress, it often negatively influences their immune sytem. Stress can occur from e.g. a move, holiday, change in the make-up of the family (arrival of a baby!!), change in diet etc..

Contagious cat flu

Cat flu is extremely contagious. Cat flu spreads through the air and that is how contamination occurs. An example: your cat enters a room that is 100m x 100m. In that room a cat with cat flu is also present. Your cat with a weakened immune system will be infected within half an hour. After an incubation period of about a week, the first symptoms of cat flu will present itself.

Treatment chronic cat flu

In order to cure your cat, treatment has to consist of 2 aspects:

  1. Combating the virus. For this we use the Chinese herbal formula Liseng. This formula is very active against the cat flu virus. The tablets can be mixed with food.
  2. Strengthening the immune system, For this you can use Echina complex. This combination of 3 herbs was made up especially for the strengthening of the natural resistance.

Cats that have had cat flu, will carry the virus their whole life. When the immune systems weakens,the cat flu can flare up again. To avoid this, the immune system has to strengtened continiously. This is a slow process and therefore it is advisable to give your cat Echinacea with Cats Claw and Plantago for an extended period of time (3-6 months in our experience). That way the chances of the cat flu recurring are minimized. The drops can be mixed with food.

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 Dosage Liseng

The dosage Echina complex (orally or mixed with food/ catmilk):

Up to 5 kg: 5 drops twice a day.
5 - 10 kg: 10 drops twice a day.
10 Ė 20 kg: 15 drops twice a day.
Over 20 kg: 20 drops twice a day.

Result: 1 - 2 weeks.

 Product description Liseng (incl. composition)

 Product description Echina complex (incl. composition)

300 mg tablet
300 mg tablet